Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Announcing the MWLUG 2012 OGS Speakers

MWLUG 2012 is two weeks away and I am glad to announce our MWLUG 2012 OGS speakers:
  • Lindsay Patross,
  • Kathy Olek,  4C Technologies
  • Louis Richardson, IBM
Below is brief biography of our MWLUG 2012 OGS speakers:

MWLUG 2012 OGS Speaker

Lindsay Patross, Co-founder,
Lindsay Patross works in online community building - helping non-profit organizations and businesses grow their online communities. She has managed e-advocacy campaigns for since 2008. Lindsay has worked with a number of businesses on their social media strategy. Currently she consults with and pair Networks on their social media and email marketing. Past clients include the Post-Gazette, PR works, and Lindsay founded the blog in 2006.


MWLUG 2012 Platinum Sponsor OGS Speaker

Kathy Olek, Director of Marketing and Strategic Development for 4CTechnologies
Kathy is the Director of Marketing and Strategic Development for 4CTechnologies, this year's MWLUG Platinum Sponsor and an IBM Premier Partner specializing in custom application development and business integration. She has over thirty (30) years of experience in marketing, with experience in all aspects of electronic, social and traditional communications, including planning, market research, advertising, promotions, corporate communications, product development, media and public relations, incentives, event management, fundraising, web development, trade shows and collateral materials. She also manages the creative and graphic design team at 4C, a division known as 4CDesignWorks.


MWLUG 2012 IBM OGS Speaker

Louis Richardson, IBM Worldwide Social Business Evangelist
Louis serves as an IBM Worldwide Social Business Evangelist. In this role, he has the opportunity to meet with executives and business managers who have interest in leveraging social software in their organizations. Some are just starting out while others are well on their way. And in every case these conversations have provided Louis with a broad exposure to the practical and business relevant impact that social software is having on today's businesses. While the topic of social business can be complex, Louis' conversational and story-telling style relates well to non-technical audiences. He enjoys sharing his experiences and observations in conferences, workshops and through social communities and blogs.

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