Friday, July 8, 2011

MWLUG 2011 Session Announcement and Updates

The sessions for MWLUG 2011 will be announced next Monday. At this time we will have over 35 sessions and labs for MWLUG 2011 packed into two days. Acceptance and rejection emails are being sent out at this time. If you attended last year's conference, you know what we did. What we have planned this year way out does last year's conference. The question is what do we do next year and where will it be? You will find out at the MWLUG 2011 Closing Session.

This year the support from the Business Partner community has been incredible and so has the number of volunteers and support from IBM team.

If you have not registered, please note that we are limiting this conference to 200 attendees only. A good chunk of the attendance has already been taken.

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