Monday, May 2, 2011

At CMS Expo 2011, Where is IBM?

Today was the opening session at that fifth CMS Expo 2011 here in Evanston, IL. OVer 200 attendees from all over the world. Sessions on Joomla, Drupal, and other open sources CMS solutions and platforms. Microsoft is here presented as a supporter of open source CMS. In fact they are a main sponsor. It sounds like Microsoft is embracing the open source community with the open source .NET solutions from the community. Even Oracle is talked about, but there is no mentioned of IBM even when it comes to infrastructure. These open source solutions are becoming platforms rather than just a CMS solution. With all the thousands of extensions to these solutions, where does Domino stand. It brings up again the question that I raise a couple of weeks ago. What is the compelling story about Domino? How do you sell Domino in this environment? What distinguishes Domino?

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