Why choose Domino as your Web Application Server?

This is a blog that I have been wanting to write for a long time and it is very important to me as an developer and Evangelist of Lotus products. Many companies that I know have moved off Notes and Domino. Also I have heard many have come on board also. How the numbers stack up only IBM knows. But that does not matter if I am doing well in providing consulting services and training.

The thing that I have been struggling with and have not heard from IBM is a compelling story on why a company would what to use Domino as their Web application server versus Microsoft and Google solutions and more importantly open source solutions. First, if your company is a Lotus shop that makes sense. However, majority of the world is not when it comes to Web application servers. If Domino is going to turn the corner and grow as a Web application server which is the direction that IBM is pushing, we need to easily provide this compelling story. I see open source-based frameworks like Drupal and Joomla more and more prevalent.

For me there is a number of reasons I would use Domino including:

- Single Integrated Package with Application Server and Database
- Security Model
- Integration
- Flexibility
- NoSQL architecture


Palmi said…
Let me add to this list :
Easy deployment
Great community support
Xpages. With http://maqetta.org/ coming , we will have a Killer Application environment.

I thought about what you said. The easy deployment I would add in. Great community support applies to all the competitive platforms so that would not be a factor. Xpages though it is great from the Lotus community perspective, it just brings Domino closer to the level that other platforms already have. It is more of a "me too" and would not distinguish Domino over the other platforms.

Maqetta is interesting. Let's see how it can be incorporated into the Domino develop environment.

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