Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Why Business Partners CAN NOT sign up for three day pass at Lotusphere 2011

I was in the process of signing up for Lotusphere 2011. Since I didn't plan to go to the Wednesday party nor Thursday I thought I would sign up for the three day conference badge which is $200 cheaper. I was surprise to find out that as an IBM Business Partner we are not allowed to sign up for the three day pass. It sounds like IBM squeezing money out of the partners again.

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Jacqi said...

Hi Richard,
I'm a marketing manager at IBM, and I happened upon your post. Based on your feedback, I asked some of the folks involved with Lotusphere planning why business partners cannot sign up for the three day pass. They responded that rationale for excluding business partners from the three day package is based on the assumption that partners would want to attend the Business Partner Development Day on Sunday, January 30th. I apologize if that is not the case in your instance. At this point, IBM cannot make changes to the registration packages since people have already started to register; however, we do appreciate your feed and will certainly keep it in mind for next year.
-Jacqi Levy

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