Round 1: MWLUG 2010 Sessions Now Posted

The first round of MWLUG 2010 sessions are now posted on the MWLUG 2010 Web site.

There is about another dozen sessions still to come including two additional session tracks. If you are looking to learn XPages, this is the conference to come to. We have over a half of dozen sessions on XPages. We will be announcing some exciting events and surpises very soon.


Tim E. Brown said…
ahh....the sessions link does not work in IE6

I am checking into it. I have to get a machine running IE 6. I tested it on IE 7, 7/8 and IE 8 and Firefox and it works.

The problem is fixed. You should now be able to see the sessions and also the speakers. Thanks for letting me know. IE is a pain.

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