Domino Designer 8.51 Crashes

I have been using the Domino Designer 8.51 for the past few months as I have been developing my UX Pages tool. Domino Designer 8.51 seems to crash on me at least once a day. It seems to be happen when I am opening up a javascript file resource. Has anybody encountered this issue?


Patpicos said…
i'd be happy with 1 crash a day with DDE.
Unfortunately, it craps out on me 5-10 times a day. Especially when running the debugger.

I've also had many crashes today when I tried to save a form with an incorrect use "somelib"

The worst is when it crashes during a save process and corrupts your database.
Unknown said…
I had this issue too:
Anonymous said…
Can you open a PMR on it? If not, then can you post the crash stacks to LDD.

@Urs Meli,

The problem I am seeing is a bit different. It seems to happen when I try to access an element when the the Domino Designer 8.51 goes what I call a delay mode where it is doing some form of build on the objects. Domino Designer 8.51 is nice but each time it goes in this build mode or whatever it is doing, it locks up my screen for about 1 minute. It is beginning to become intolerable.

Next time it happens I will post it.

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