Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Why PNGs are not Support in Domino?

After all these years, can anybody explain to me why png files are not supported as an image resource in Domino. I know I can put them in as file resources, but why not as an image resource?


Werner_Mo said...

Maureen Leland gives the Information in her KeyNote at Entwicklercamp 2010-03-08
png will be supported in V 8.5.2

Domino Interface said...


But has it taken so long.

Maureen said...

in 8.5.2, you will be able to use PNG files as database icons. You can also use them in xpage web applications. You can add them as image resources simply by typing in their name (with the .png) when creating an image resource. However, such resources would only reliably work in xpage applications.

Domino Interface said...


Thanks. But given that png files are used so much in the web world how come Domino cannot just support it natively and why only in XPages. It seems that IBM is still behind the times.

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