Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Welcome the Detroit Lotus User Group to the MWLUG Conference 2010

The Detroit Lotus user group, Detroit Notes Professionals, is now part of the Midwest Lotus User Group Conference 2010. The MWLUG 2010 Committee is excited that another Lotus user group has joined us and be involved into this unique event. The MWLUG Conference 2010 now including nine different user groups throughout the Midwest including:

- Central Ohio Notes/Domino Users Group
- Detroit Notes Professionals
- GRANITE Lotus User Group
- Minnesota Lotus User Group (MNNOTES411)
- Northeast Ohio Lotus User Group
- Northeast Wisconsin Lotus User Group
- Southern Wisconsin Lotus User Group
- Western Michigan Lotus User Group
- Western PA Lotus User Group

If your Lotus user group is in the Midwest and would like to join us to be part of this event let us know. You can contact myself or Gregg Eldred. Planning for MWLUG Conference 2010 is almost complete and we are expecting a great event.


Scott Marchione said...

Hmm, being a member of the DNP, you'd think I would have received an email from Mike Sobczak regarding our new affiliation, and what this means in terms of our usual quarterly meeting... but I guess I'm glad that we are part of something larger

Domino Interface said...


It was just decided a couple days ago. I don't think Mike have had the chance to send everyone an email. The MWLUG conference is designed to compliment your existing meetings and bring more awareness of each individual user group to their local Lotus professionals. So your normal meetings will still be there.

In addition, our goal is to help raise money for each of the participating user groups to fund their meetings. So I hope you can attend the conference. It gives many Lotus professionals a chance to network with their peers and learn. There is also a LinkedIn site if you are interested.

Midwest Area Lotus User Group

downandoutinmichigan said...

As someone who's sent out countless e-mails for DNP events over the past 10 years, I find it hilarious that I was criticized for not sending out an e-mail!

Rest assured, I will send something soon.

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