Friday, February 19, 2010

Supply Chain Management <=> Domino

Yesterday, I was fortunate enough to attend a presentation by Michael Hugos who has written a number of books on supply chain management. It is interesting on the simplified approach that he preaches. It is very similar to what our philosophy has been towards developing our business applications for our customers. All these business applications that we have developed reside on the Domino platform.

The flexibility of the Domino platform is idea for managing these processes for a small to medium organization. Domino is not idea for a high transaction environment, but that is not necessary for small and medium size companies which makes up most of the companies in the world. Domino provides multiple ways of integrating with other environments, some of which is simple like email or a CSV file and some more complicated like Web services. In an every changing business climate, companies need to be extremely flexible in how they architect their solution and Domino give us that. The flexibility provides timely responses to a dynamic business environment.

Domino never gets the respect it is deserves. For example, a client of ours uses both Notes/Domino and Sharepoint. One group decided to use SharePoint because it was the thing that they heard people are using. What would have take one day with Domino is still not completed after 3 months. So imagine what it might be costly the company for not having this completed in a timely matter especially in this dynamic business environment which I believe is now the norm.

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