Wednesday, February 17, 2010

MWLUG Conference 2010 Theme

The theme for the Midwest Lotus User Group Conference 2010 is "Building a Community Through Collaboration". This reflects the goals of this conference of building our Midwest Lotus community. With the addition of the West PA Lotus User Group our community has gotten a bit larger.

Lotus Quickr has been so far a great tool for us to plan this conference. It has many things that I do not like and will change as I customize the template, but it has helped us bring together all the different user groups who are involved. The number of tasks that is required to make this conference happen is enormous. Since everyone is a volunteer, the more tools we can use the better.

1 comment:

Keith Brooks said...

Use Lotuslive engage and events.
engage is free to BPs and events should be free for LUG events, hint, hint, IBM.
Let me know if you need a server or software to run anything I have some extra racks in mothballs.

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