Great GRANITE Lotus User Group Meeting

Today was our February 2010 meeting for GRANITE. We had the largest number of attendees since 2008. Hopefully we can continue building our membership through 2010. We were able to sign up two new members today.

Thanks to John Head and Mike McGarel for their Lotusphere 2010 wrap up of Project Vulcan, Project Concord, and XPages. Mike also did a presentations on using OpenNTF templates to develop your own intranet. Our thanks to Mac Glore for getting us the meeting place at the IBM Center at the last moment.

I think we need to switch away from deep dish pizza for lunch at the GRANITE meetings. I can feel the cheese building up on my veins. Looks like an evening of exercising after this blog posting.

We have a new GRANITE event coming up, but I will let Roy Rumaner or Alex Kassabov talk about his up and coming event. We are planning a new GRANITE web site so look forward over the next couple of months to see what we have done.


Unknown said…
Date, Time and Topic for the first Granite West Technical Meeting has been set!

We have discussed the idea of holding a Technical meeting in the Western Suburbs on the months opposite the Loop meetings. At today's meeting, we decided that the first of these meetings would be Monday, March 15th from 3pm - 7pm at the PSC offices in Schaumburg. Address and directions will be in a separate post.

Today , we also decided that the main topic of these meetings will be XPages. Specifically, Mike McGarel and myself will be starting everyone off on how to build an XPage application. Where do you start, what do you need to know and how does it work with an existing Notes application.

We are going to use Declan Lynch's excellent 54 step tutorial as the focus of this project. At the first meeting we will be walking everyone through the first 10 steps (more if time permits) in his tutorial. We will then ask everyone to do the next ten on their own before the next meeting.

If you want to start reading through the tutorial before the meeting, it can be found at

Please let us know if you are interested in this idea and if you are going to attend this meeting. If you have any other topic ideas, we are also open to hearing them.

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