Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Ken Burns National Park Documentary

On most PBS stations across the nation, the new Ken Burns documentary, National Parks, America's Best Idea is now playing. I have been to many national parks over the past years and enjoyed it much better than visiting a beach resort for vacation. My family also enjoy very much visiting our national treasures. However, my wife does not like the Civil War battlefields. My goal is to visit as many national parks and locations. I still have many, many more to go. Here is a list of the national parks, monument, forest, battlefields, and places that I have been to. Which ones have you visited.

Abraham Lincoln Birthplace
Arches National Park
Badlands (2 times)
Bryce National Park
Canaveral (2 times)
Canyonland National Park
Capitol Reef National Park
Carlsbad Canverns National Park
Cayon De Chelly
Chickamauga and Chattanooga
Dayton Aviation Heritage (5 times)
Devils Tower National Monument ( 2 times)
Ellis Island
Fort Laramie
Fort McHenry
Fort Point
Gettysburg National Battlefield
Golden Gate Bridge
Grand Canyon National Park - North Rim
Grand Canyon National Park - South Rim (3 times)
Grand Teton
Harpers Ferry
Indiana Dunes (5 times)
Jewel Cave (2 times)
John D. Rockefeller, Jr.
Kaibab National Forest
Lake Mead
Mammoth Cave
Manassas National Battlefield (2 times)
Mesa Verde National Park
Mount Rushmore (2 times)
Muir Woods (2 times)
Perry's Victory & International Peace
Petrified Forest (2 times)
Pictured Rocks
Predidio Of San Francisco
Scotts Bluff
Shawnee National Forest
Statue of Liberty
Stones River
Sunset Crater Volcano (2 times)
Washington, DC all the locations there (too many times to count)
White Sands ( 2 times)
Wind Cave (2 times)
Yellowstone National Park
Zion National Park


Unknown said...

Another fantastic documentary from Ken Burns. Hopefully, it will motivate people to "See America First." :-) One of my Twitter followers will have her pictures of Cuyahoga Valley Nationsl Park shown on our local PBS station:

And click on Stephanie Jansky.

While we have visited quite a few of the same sites as you, none of them were as powerful as when we visited Manassas National Battlefield. I don't know what it is about Civil War battlefields, but they really resonate with my kids.

Thanks for sharing.

Domino Interface said...


I think Civil War battlefields brings what kids learn in history books to a sense of reality. If you go to the Gettysburg battlefield and have seen the movie "Gettysburg", you get a true understanding of what soldiers went through and the sacrifices that all soldiers make. Too many people take what we have in this country for granted.

When you go to a National Park like Zion and sit on top of the mountain ridge looking down in the valley you really think about why man exist and get a sense of how small we really are in the mist of things. All the things that we hold dear in our materialist world becomes unimportant.

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