Pivotal Point in History

A few days from now, we will mark the 145th anniversary for one of the most pivotal points in the history of our country, the Battle of Gettysburg. Thought the battle technically occurred from July 1 through July 3, 1863, the actions that occurred for the past few days 145 years ago set things in motion that resulted in one of the bloodiest battle in the history of the United States. Each year we celebrate July 4 as our day of independence. However, most people do not know how critical the actions and sacrifices that 160,000 men made 145 years ago shaped who we are as a country. I encourage everyone to study our history. It serves as a guide in business and life. If you do not want to read the hundreds of books written about the Battle of Gettysburg and would like to get a pretty accurate account of the Battle of Gettysburg, I suggest you get the Gettysburg Movie on DVD. Warning it is a very long movie. The Extended LaserDisc Edition is even longer and it is great. Even better go and visit the Gettysburg battlefield. Note, if you want to avoid crowds do not go this time of year.

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Don McNally said…
My wife and I went to Gettysburg about 11 years ago and were pretty amazed (we also drove past Manassas and stumbled upon Antietam, which was cool too). I'd like to go back and see it now since the tower is gone. It is definitely worth the trip.
Andy Donaldson said…
North or South, it doesn't matter. Gettysburg is a place that you just can't label correctly and must be seen with your own eyes. To sit at the High Water Mark on Cemetery Ridge looking west to the Virginia Monument and think the number of men that moved across that field in one giant push. Hard to imagine.
I still feel the whole battle would have ended differently had Lee listened to Longstreet and had Jackson not been killed earlier. But that is an argument that will be debated for years to come.
Awesome blog post.
We are planning a trip to Gettysburg to see the reenactment on the 150th anniversary. Hopefully I can bring my dad and kids with me. It should be a great reenactment and definitely be crowded.
Dan Sickles said…
I've never been Gettysburg and I have both legs, but I do have an occasional problem with insubordination.

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