Business Partner Development Day Presentation Slides?

In previous Lotuspheres, Business Partners who signed up for Business Development Day were able to download the BDD presentation slides. During many BDD sessions at Lotusphere 2008, we were told that the slides would be available. However, if you go to Lotusphere Online there is a message in the Help section that tells you that the slides are not available. Does anyone know what happened?


Dan Sickles said…
They set up a separate Quickr for the BDDay sessions. Check your email ~Jan 13.

I checked my emails and did not get anything in regards to this on around January 13. What was the subject line? Can anybody forward me the link?
Rob Novak said…
I'll find it for you - email me and I'll forward it. But of note - BDD sessions have not been generally available for past Lotuspheres. A few made it into LS Online (inappropriately) in past years but it was always "ask the speaker for the slides" for the majority.
Thanks Rob,

Also thanks for the great job that you are doing for the Lotus and Quickr community.

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