Nomad Rocks

Finally I have been able to catch a breath. I have been very busy for the past few weeks trying to get ready for the Lotusphere Comes To You. New versions our IBF products are being rolled out and will be demoed at the show. Taishan Works is exhibiting here in Chicago plus also at Toronto. So if you are attending any of these two LCTY stop by.

We had a very good GRANITE user group meeting a couple of weeks ago. I would like to thank Teamstudio for sponsoring our meeting. We also like to thank Ron Shoults for demonstrating how to install Nomad.

I finally took the time to install Nomad for myself since we do a lot of development and need to check if the products works on both Notes 6.5 and Notes 7. This is very handy for moving back and forward between versions. There does not seem to be much differences between versions, but I must tell you when it comes to UI development there are a number of things that will catch you by surprise. At a later time, I will provide a list of these differences we have encountered.

After installing Nomad onto my USB drive, I took the time to review the files and compared it with a normal installation. Since I had a number of 256 Mbyte USB drives and they are now dirt cheap, I was wondering if it was possible to run Nomad on a USB drive with only 256 Mbytes. And the answer is YES. I never noticed but there are a significant number of files that are really not necessary for the Lotus Notes client to work. So far I have brought the Notes client down from 380 Mbytes to about 190 Mbytes. I will have to do extensive testing to determine if I did not eliminate something important. But so far so good. I will let everyone know.

One issue that I have with Nomad is that if you use the USB drive in different computers that have different number of drives on the computer, Lotus Notes will not autorun when you plug in the USB drive since the autorun.ini will not have the right drive letter. It would be nice if the USB drive will autorun and detect what drive it is and then run Lotus Notes. Besides that Nomad is great. I hope this feature is available in Notes 8.


Anonymous said…
If you do not have a U3 type USB drive and have it set to autorun it will autolauch when you install the USB drive by itself.

It will change it's drive letter automatically as needed


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