Sunday, July 6, 2008

Going to me the Giants

It July and it is time to take some time off. This year we are going to a little known area called Giant City State Park located at the Southern tip of Illinois near Makanda, Illinois. Unlike most of Illinois, the southern part of Illinois is very different with rolling hills, cliffs, and very rough terrain. It is very beautiful in Southern Illinois. Last time I was there was in 2001 at the Shawnee National Forest. Giant City State Park is next to it and features giant sandstone pillars of over 100 feet that create natural streets similar what to see towards the end of the third Indiana Jones movie. Some streets are very narrow. A pastor of my colleague got stuck between the giant pillars and had to be pushed out. It should be fun climbing the sandstones and hiking the trails. Giant City Lodge is inside the park and features individual one and two bedroom cabins. It was build during the depression.

However, it has been a frustrating week with both the van and SUV in the shop or having problems. Suddenly today, we need to rent a car in order to go on our trip. What a pain after loading everything.

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