Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Next Stop: Indianapolis - MWLUG 2013

All packed for MWLUG.  Each year the planning for MWLUG gets more and more complex and stressful. But everything has come together.  For all who is attending, I guarantee you this will be three days of intense building of knowledge and relationships along with some fun activities.

LUGs like MWLUG, IamLUG, UKLUG, and BLUG really show what social collaboration is.  It is the coming together of customers, IBM Partners and IBMers for the goal of growing our community and building of knowledge in the way that you normally only see in a open source environment.

Beside having MWLUG in a different city each year which is a major challenge, we try to do something different from the previous years. Sometimes that work great like in MWLUG 2011's comedy club with the Fake "Ed Brill" and sometimes it becomes a total disaster like the "Engima Contest" from MWLUG 2012. Hopefully, this year we have another winner.

So I will be taking the Amtrak train from Chicago to Indianapolis along with a number of others and arrive 5 hours later at the doorsteps of the Crowne Plaza Hotel - Union Station. I can sleep on the train, but I will most likely be working on my Speed Sponsor presentation.

So see everyone soon at MWLUG 2013, have a great time, learn as much as you can, and have fun!

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