Thursday, August 12, 2010

MWLUG 2010: Soft Phones, Upgrading to Sametime 8.51, and Plantronics

More and more companies are now using soft phones especially as employees are becoming more and more mobile. Since voice and data has been merging into one and the same, it is important to have reliable solutions since most of us do not have a second solution except for our cell phones which many times you have to ask "Can you hear me now?" My sister who currently is managing a global team on 4 continents from home relies heavily on her soft phones through Sametime to communicate with her team. She has been using a Plantronics headset and I tried it and it is very nice. Since our old PBX is slowly dying, this finally gives us a reason to upgrade our Sametime installation. We are giving everyone attending MWLUG 2010 a chance to win a Plantronics headset.

Our MWLUG 2010 Event Sponsor and continuous supporter of MWLUG, Plantronics, will be giving away two of their headsets during the Thursday breakfast before the MWLUG 2010 Opening Session. In addition, Plantronics is co-sponsoring Thursday breakfast. So make sure you come to the Thursday breakfast for a chance to win one of the two headsets. You must be present to win. In addition, there will be another chances to win Plantronics headsets on Friday at the two Sametime sessions presented by Phil Salm and Kevin McConnell from CDW. More information about that giveaway can be found at the CDW booth.

If you are a Sametime administrator, and you are new to Websphere administration you must to come to Kevin McConnell's session on "Introduction to Sametime 8.5 WebSphere Administration for the Domino Administrator." The session is designed for Domino Administrators who now need to learn how to manage a Websphere Application Server since Sametime 8.5x is based on Websphere instead of Domino.

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